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Camera Resolution- 


The larger the image size the better.  So, let loose with those megapixels.  However, an image shot with an 6 megapixel camera or better will work just fine.   Be sure to crop as tight as possible.


Focus and Exposure-


Make sure your image is in sharp focus.  In addition, a slightly dark image is preferable to a slightly bright image.




We can use an image taken anywhere.  However, an image taken outside in shade (preferably with some flash) or inside with flash is the safest best.




We extract the subject  from any background.  However, a solid color or non cluttered background is preferred.




Images should be sent at full resolution in jpeg format.



Image can be taken full length or 3/4 (ankle) length.   A tight crop will get the most resolution in your images.


Click button below for posing examples and ideas.


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